Estudiant de doctorat al Departament de Bioquímica i Biologia Molecular

“Quality of the education might be improved, icluded the level of English of UB”

There are always issues to be improved in every institution. From the point of view of a PhD student, I would first point out the research grants. Despite the fact that both Cataluña and Spain suffer still from the economical insufficiency which reflects to every aspects of the country including science, restricting the research would not help to overcome this situation. On the contrary, without elevated research activities in every field of science, economic crisis would be harder to overcome. Therefore, UB should fight for improvements in research activities and should provide more research grants and scholarships to doctoral students. Otherwise, the brain drain will keep increasing and in the long run, this will deteriorate the situation.

Similarly, quality of education might be improved. This can be provided by more specific master programs which educate individuals in specific topics. On the other hand, English is international communication language in both science and business; however, the level of English of UB is not high enough to survive in highly competitive environments. UB can improve this by providing with elevated level of English classes or master programs which gives education in English only.

Besides that, student associations should be encouraged and student unions shall be more supported by UB. This will help students with not only increasing the social and interpersonal skills but also will help to obtain a more self-confident generation. A generation with high self-esteem will lead to development of the country.